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Frequently Asked Questions

There's quick logo sites all over the internet, why you?

How long does it take to get a project done?

Do I get copies of the original working files for my graphics?

Who owns the rights to the artwork?

Will you display my graphic on your site or otherwise advertise it?

What does 'Freelance' mean in this context?

There are cheap logo and web site companies all over the internet, why should I hire you?

A logo is not only a picture and some text, it is your company signature. A website is not only an online business card, it is your business's face to the world.

When someone looks at your company logo or website, they are getting an instant idea of your professionalism, or by reflection, the quality and individuality of your product or place of business. How much thought, uniqueness and relevance to your company can go into an inexpensive graphic piece or site? Further, how 'unique' the design?

Corporations often spend millions of dollars on their logo and site. Each of those corporations started out life as a small business. They realize that their company presentation reflected on how seriously they took themselves as a business, and how seriously others could take them. Exxon was famous as a very young company for paying $2 million US dollars for a linguist to invent a unique word for their company name and logo. This was decades ago, that $2 million is estimated to be over $10 million US in today's dollars. That's how seriously they took their name.

How seriously do you take your company and how seriously does your uniqueness matter to you in the business world?

I do 100% custom work. There are no cookie-cutter templates used. Every single piece is produced from scratch. I guarantee that nothing else on the net will be just like yours.

How long does it take to get a project done?

Each project takes a different amount of time. This will be reflected in your estimate, or I will let you know verbally after our preliminary consultation.

All graphic pieces I produce will come with a time-table for completion. Unless there is a delay in your getting me content for your site, your work will be complete based on that time table if it means I don't sleep at nite until it's done.

Do I get copies of your original working files for my graphics?

No. You get finished flattened artwork in the size and format we specified originally, the format that you require for your use. In the case of websites, you will get your work uploaded for you. The graphics will be useable for every purpose you need it for and provided in the sizes needed for that purpose, either for you to use yourself or to send to a printer to complete.

It is standard graphic artist practice to keep all the working files.

Who owns the rights to the artwork?

The law says the artist. Does this mean you cannot trademark or register your logo? Of course not, because that useage is what you specifically pay for. The art was created for you, and you paid for its use for that purpose. It is entirely yours to use.

Legally, there is no difference between artists, whether graphic artists, musicians, photographers, or actors. If a rock band writes a commercial jingle for a product, they give the rights to use it for that purpose, not the ownership of the music for all future uses. It is no different for artists of any kind. You own the rights you paid for.

Will you display my graphic on your site or otherwise advertise it?

Yes, I probably will. In my portfolio, website, or anywhere else I may need samples of my work. Will I ever do another graphic just like it for another client? No, I will not, because it would then not be unique. When I create a project, it is unique for that client. If I do show it or advertise it, it's free exposure for your company, and I advertise it with great pride.

What does 'Freelance Graphic Designer' mean?

Freelance here means that I not only do work for individual clients, but also subcontract work for other web design and graphics companies.

How this affects individual business clients is that you will be working directly with the designer who is doing your work, and not through any intermediaries. If you complain, you are complaining to the person who can change it. When you request an idea, you will know whether it can be done, immediately.

As a freelance graphic designer, I work from home, so email is usually the easiest way to contact me initially. Thereafter, phone conversations or MSN Messenger is how we generally communicate. I have already done work for clients all over the world, so there are no logistics to work out, I guarantee a very smooth and easy communication process.

Thank you

Helen Starkweather

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