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An hourly rate doesn't have much meaning to most clients. If you are pricing costs, different designers use different tools, have different skills and speed of execution, which will all affect the bottom line.

Also, a designer who truly understands your company and client base will be able to execute any piece you require faster, with fewer revisions, which saves you money.

So while there is an hourly rate, and it is $50/hour, how much you will pay for a particular piece will vary, depending on your needs, depending on the complexity, and even depending on how many people on your committee need to approve the piece.

Consultations are free. During this time, we both will get a clearer idea for how well and how quickly we can work together. If we are to proceed, I will submit to you a time estimate and total estimated cost.

I will also work on a flat rate cap, which is a bit higher than a time estimate, but which means that there are no further charges. If you require 30 revisions, I will do 30 revisions, cheerfully.

The below are only estimates based on how many hours the project should take based on past client experience. Your project may cost more or less depending on what you need. You may pay more, you may pay less.

I offer substantial discounts for start up companies in the handcrafted businesses. This is primarily because I am very familiar with the ins and outs of marketing, customer base, and competition for the small crafts industry. There is minimal research required on my part, as I have been in the industry as a customer, business, hobbyist, and graphic designer for myself and others for over 10 years. If that is the nature of your business, please email me for a special quote.


average estimate $1200
Updating an existing logo (ie. reworking a 'fuzzy' logo no longer suitable for print, minor updating)- $50-$250.

Simple Web Design

(rate is for designing the graphics for the pages only, hosting, ecommerce optional and available)
average estimate (depends on number of images, pages, complexity, animation): $1200 - $5,000

Theme Redesign Only
1 theme page layout - this is for people experienced with uploading and working with webdesign, but require help with a new look, navigation, site and search engine optimization, image optimization and design - in some cases, 1 page is sufficient for a web presence: $400

Website Image and Search Engine Optimization
If you take a look at this website, you will see very crisp and sharp photos (look at a photo to your right... do your website images look like this?), my text can be very small because it is not jagged or fuzzy. Unprofessional sites are often improperly optimized, and just look 'off'. Please compare.

I offer both website optimization as well as search engine optimization, so when someone finds your page on google, what they see is beautiful and professional.

I further offer free additional training one on one with each website, so if you choose, you can do your own updates to save future costs. I am very open about helping you update the way you choose.

Product Label Design

Art Only - average estimate $500 for reuseable template design

Banner & Sign Design

Art Only - average estimate $500

Photo-editing, Touchup and Product Photography

This is priced based on complexity. Most product photography for your website use can be shot for around $40/image including all necessary editing, corrections and resizing.

Client supplies product for photography. The product is usually unreturnable due to packaging being opened for staging and possibly intentionally damaged during the photography.

Flash Introductions or entire sites

Estimates will varies depending on complexity and scope of work.

Print/Ad design- brochures, stationery, catalog layout

Estimates will vary depending on complexity and scope of work.

Please click the links on the left side bar for samples of my work.

Helen Starkweather

Click here to email for a quote.

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